Pregnant Kristin Cavallari’s Having Cravings Again, So She Hits the Grocery Store!

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Kristin Cavallari is pregnant, and hungry! After revealing that she’s having some new cravings (these things do come in phases), she finally hit a grocery store on Tuesday. What did she go for? Kristin’s said in the past she’s gone for include tacos and cupcakes. Now, it’s something totally different.

Kristin and her fiancé, Chicago Bears QB Jay Cutler, are expecting their first baby together, so everything is totally new to her this time out. Kristin keeps her Twitter followers in the loop with all the scoop about how things are going, and that includes her daily grind. On Tuesday, Kristin tweeted, “Never a good idea to grocery shop hungry. Just bought way too much junk.” Uh oh! Is she giving in to some unhealthy food cravings?

Kristin Cavallari looks amazing. She’s radiated health and beauty through all of her trimesters thus far, and while she’s certainly carrying a massive baby bump, she doesn’t look like she’s packed on the pounds. Late last week, Kristin tweeted that she was “Going through a heavy apple and almond butter phase,” adding, “I can’t get enough.”

So did Kristin C. pick up several jars of organic apple and/or almond butter during her “hungry” grocery store trip? That seems like one of the better, healthier pregnancy craving options. It certainly beats cupcakes, right?

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