Pregnant looking Mariah Carey falls

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A very pregnant looking Mariah Carey slipped and fell during a show in Singapore. The fall wasn’t something major, and Carey blamed it on her shoes.

As you can see from the video below, Carey looks like she just sat down and then people quickly helped her back up.

Many peopApr 15, 2010 - New York, NY, USA - Singer/actress MARIAH CAREY attends the 12th Annual 'Keepers of the Dream' Awards held at the Sheraton Hotel. © Red Carpet Picturesle are still speculating that Carey is pregnant with her first child, however the news has not been confirmed yet. She and husband Nick Cannon have hinted at the rumors being true but no one has said anything. Carey calls herself “superstitious” while Cannon’s response to the ever burning question is, “My wife will tell you when she is ready.”

It’s great that Carey didn’t get hurt in the fall. However, if she is in fact pregnant, you’d think she’d stop wearing stilettos and try some flats or something… And for someone “superstitious” wouldn’t you also think that she’d be performing less? It seems like she should be taking it easy but she has been performing all over the place for the past few months.

With all of the hints and media coverage, everyone seems convinced that Carey is pregnant… maybe she isn’t. What do you think?

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