'Pregnant Man' Thomas Beatie is Pregnant AGAIN!

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Thought this story was over, didn't you?

Well, "pregnant man" Thomas Beatie is pregnant again.

The "pregant man", Thomas Beatie, today announced to Barbara Walters on The View that he is with child again. His first child, daughter Susan, is now about five months old.  Beatie, you'll recall, lives as a post-op transgendered male. He runs a custom print screening business with his wife Tracy of 10 years. The couple got pregnant the first time after being unable to have a child that Tracy could carry. She had a hysterectomy several years back. The average person might say that this would be a good point to look into adoption but 



Thomas Beatie decided that since he still had the neccessary parts, why not do it. himself. We all know what happened then. The media went wild and the "pregnant man" was everywhere.

The couple has made a ton of cash from photos and deals with the press but Thomas is quick to point out that this is not about publicity and that he has turned down $2 million in deals. Hmmm…I wonder how much he has made with the deals he said yes to? I have a hunch that it is more than $2 million.  And, if he is not looking for fame, why is he announcing baby #2 on The View?

What do we all think about this one (I mean two)? 

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