Pregnant Megan Fox’s Crotch Grabbed in Public?!

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Either Brian Austin Green is getting dirty with his wife, Megan Fox, in public or it’s just one really bad camera angle…

The couple was spotted out together over the weekend in California and the paparazzi snapped a rather questionable photo. From the looks of it, Brian Austin Green is grabbing Megan Fox’s crotch. Of course, the more logical explanation for such an awkward photo is that Green’s instincts kicked in and he was simply trying to hide his wife’s baby bump from the cameras. Even so, definitely not a great shot.

Not only is the photo awkward from the waist down, but Brian Austin Green’s face adds another level of awkwardness to the photo altogether! It’s like he’s grabbing her crotch and making the kind of face one makes when there is a seriously bad stench in the air—yikes!

Thankfully, Megan’s facial expression—or really, lack thereof—clears up any questions that anything raunchy was going on. It’s just one protective husband covering up a baby bump.

Megan Fox looks beautiful and has wanted kids with Brian for a while, according to a friend, who says the pregnancy was definitely planned: “The pregnancy was planned. She has wanted kids with Brian for a while now.”

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