Pregnant Snooki: Does Vinny Guadagnino Think She Has Mom Skills?

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When the world learned that Nicole ‘Snooki’ Polizzi was pregnant, the world collectively questioned if she was even fit to be a mother. Goodness, this is the same Nicole who seemingly ‘smooshes’ everything that moves, once dry-humped a house plant, and had faceplanted into the sand, drunk out of her mind.

Now, at least one of her ‘Jersey Shore’ co-stars is giving her a rousing thumbs up! Vinny Guadagnino believes Polizzi is perfect mom material.

She’ll be a great mom. She’s already drastically changed her life. I think this is a good wakeup call, so I think she’ll be cool.

Oh yeah, a good wake-up call for sure. Vinny really did hit it on the head about Nicole. Nothing makes a person grow-up faster than the responsiblity that comes with having a child. Hopefully Snooki will take this seriously!

The question is this: Is Vinny Guadagnino right? Is his ‘Jersey Shore’ friend, Snooki, actually capable of being a good mom? Only time will tell; at least Vinny is giving her a vote of confidence.

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