Pregnant Snooki Falls! Are Wardrobe Choices Putting Baby in Danger?

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At least Snooki has a sense of humor. Jersey Shore star and very pregnant Guidette Nicole Polizzi has continued to wear high heels, platforms, and wedge shoes throughout her pregnancy. Nicole might decided to reconsider that decision.

Yep, six months into her pregnancy, Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi was photographed falling down because of her platform sandals. Thankfully, Polizzi is short, so she doesn’t have too far to fall. The thing is, didn’t she mention that she was going to use a scooter to get around in and not walk in high heels all the time?

The question is, are Nicole Polizzi’s fashion choices going to harm the baby? The short answer is probably not, unless she takes a real tumble, down some stairs. Still, Snooki could really hurt herself. Why does she have to worry so much about her “fashion?”

Can’t she just give herself a break for the last three months of her pregnancy and find some nice animal print flats in bright colors? Goodness knows, nobody wants to see Nicole (or the baby) injured.

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