Pregnant Snooki Has Dinner With Parents, Baby Daddy Jionni LaValle Watches Yankees

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It appears that a pregnant Snooki spent some time with her folks on Tuesday, while her baby daddy, Jionni LaValle, enjoyed some time with the guys at the ball game. Both recently updated their Twitter statuses to talk about what they’ve been up to!

The future parents were spending time away from one another on Tuesday. Jersey Shore star Nicole Polizzi tweeted a simple update to let her fans know she’s trying to keep eating, for herself, and her baby inside. She tweeted out:

“Dinner w my parents =)”

Prior to that, she responded to a fan’s comment about being pregnant and hating daytime, saying:

“No I still do lmao @dendenkurz: @snooki awe now that your preggo you don’t hate day time anymore!#congrats”

Unfortunately, Nicole will need to like daytimes more and more, as staying up all hours of the night will be coming once the baby arrives. Meanwhile, her fiance Jionni LaValle was talking about hanging out with friends at a baseball game. LaValle tweeted a photo showing him and some pals at the latest New York Yankees MLB game. He tweeted out several messages regarding the game and friends maybe showing their skills off for a tryout. He also tweeted the loving message to Polizzi:

“On way to Yankee game! @snooki you better look for me on tv! Love u!!”

So what can be taken away from these latest tweets? Well, for one, Snooki is watching her health, at least it seems, for the sake of her baby. She can’t be the same party girl or night owl she might have been for. The other good thing is that Snooki and Jionni LaValle can spend quality time together and apart. The time apart right now is going to be missed once the two have to start dealing with the newborn together. However, it should be a fun adventure for them going forward!

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