Pregnant Snooki Hints at Baby Name on Twitter?

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It seems a pregnant Snooki may have been hinting at a potential baby name for her newborn. While Nicole Polizzi and Jionni LaValle haven’t made any official announcements, the Jersey Shore star recently commented on Twitter. However, it’s hard to take some reality stars’ tweets too seriously right now.

The outspoken reality TV star has been known to tell fans on Twitter about her love for movies and television shows. She’s also been generous in responding to tweets with questions or comments (nice ones) regarding her first-ever baby. On Monday, Polizzi retweeted a fan question along with her possible baby name, saying:

SIMBA. (Mufasa voice) “@beanecsaa: @snooki aren’t you so excited? thinkin of names yet?”

It seems that Snooki might be a big fan of Disney movies and The Lion King, but will that end up being humiliating for her future child? It’s hard to say if Simba would work well for both sexes, but in the movie it was the son of Mufasa. Simba was the brave young lion who had to take his father’s place by battling his uncle, Scar. So is Snooki looking for the rightful heir to Jionni’s throne?

All kidding aside, it’s doubtful that Snooki and her soon-to-be-husband would name their kid Simba, although you never know with reality stars these days!

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