Pregnant Snooki on Twitter Talks About Being Punk’d and a Mommy

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A pregnant Snooki continues to stay active, on Twitter at least! It seems every day there are some great new random thoughts emanating from her account. Whether it’s a preview of her new “Jersey Shore” spin-off show, or tweets to Jionni LaValle, she’s keeping fans updated. The soon-to-be-mother of a baby, tweeted late Wednesday evening about her recent episode of “Punk’d” and her crazy hairstyle!

Nicole Polizzi is expecting her first child later this year. With Snooki pregnant, she’s tweeted some interesting thoughts today on the microblogging site. It’s no secret that she will be one of the featured stars on another MTV shocking reality show, “Punk’d.” Nicole Polizzi, who regularly stars on “Jersey Shore,” tweeted about the show saying:

“AH! @haydenpanettier totally #punkd me. Take a look here. Be sure to watch #punkd this Thursday at 10/9C.”

Not a bad promotional tweet, which also included a link to a video preview of the “punking.” In addition to that, Polizzi responded to a fan’s comment about her recent hairstyle. The retweet said:

“Omg I know right! @SadieWolcott_: @snooki you look like a mommy with that hair style! #yourockit I love you!”

This is good to see as earlier in the evening, since she tweeted a mini-rant about reporters. It was unclear why she was upset, but it seemed someone from the media must have ruffled her feathers. With these recent tweets, Nicole Polizzi seems to be in a much happier, and joking mood! Hopefully she can stay positive and happy, as those emotions will also be best for Jionni and their future baby!

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