Pregnant Snooki Sees Baby! Does He Look Like Her?

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Nicole ‘Snooki’ Polizzi must have seen an ultrasound today, because she seems a little stunned. Is it possible that the baby doesn’t look like her? Hopefully it doesn’t look like ‘The Situation’ or the UPS guy.

Snooki took to Twitter, exclaiming to fans her latest findings about her baby. “Omg my baby looks exactly like Jionni.,’ tweeted Nicole. Whew! That’s a relief. Then again, who (or what) was she expecting the baby to look like anyway?

One thing is for sure, pregnant Snooki definitely has babies on the mind today. Between having to take her cat, Rocky, in for surgery and a check-up, she hardly has much time for anything else. One question is, did she decide to wear comfortable shoes? It has been a tough week for Nicole in the shoe department, so perhaps some of her slippers are more appropriate than platform heels. With these doctors appointments, she needs to take care of herself and give her back and feet a rest.

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