Pregnant Snooki’s Biggest Fear: Giant Boobs!

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Wow, one pregnant Snooki seems a bit scared! Nicole ‘Snooki’ Polizzi is trying to take this whole pregnancy thing seriously. Now, just days after she began pushing baby buggies around town that held dolls, Nicole is really voicing at least one serious concern.

The day started innocently enough for Polizzi who wanted to share a photo of herself on Twitter with her fans:

Of course, fans were quick to notice Nicole’s breasts. They have gotten noticeably larger over the last few weeks. Pregnant Snooki decided to use Twitter as the vehicle to share her major fear with her fans. Here is what she had to say in response to a fan who talked about her bigger breasts:

So, is Nicole really that afraid of having big boobs? Perhaps she is scared of the back pain that may come with them. Add that the fact that she tends to wear high heals since she is so short and Snooki is a disaster waiting to happen.

So, should the ‘Jersey Shore’ star really be that scared of her own body? Come on, Nicole, embrace the bigger boobs… they will be with you for quite a while!

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