“Presenting… Tallulah” Tori Spelling’s First Picture-Book

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Tori Spelling has a new book out for children called Presenting…Tallulah. The book is Spelling’s first picture book. Other books from the actress include sTORI Telling, Mommywood, and uncharted terriTORI, which was released earlier this year.

21 September 2010 - Ridgewood, New Jersey. Tori Spelling. Tori Spelling signs copies of her new book Presenting Tallulah at Book-Ends Book Store. Photo Credit: Paul Zimmerman/AdMedia

The book follows a little girl, named Tallulah, who in the book’s illustrations looks an awful lot like Tori Spelling, herself. Tallulah has to wear dresses all the time, and shows up to school in a limo. She just wants to get dirty and wear jeans like the other kids.

Tallulah wants to just be herself, and the book follows that journey to self-discovery, rich kid style.

It’s unclear how many children will relate to the concept of being bummed out being too well off. Certainly, though, kids can understand the idea of not fitting in, or feeling stifled. Feeling left out or stifled spans all socioeconomic boundaries.

Whether or not kids can relate to Spelling’s story, with three memoirs under her belt, it was time for Tori to write the ubiquitous celebrity children’s book.

So, will you be buying Presenting… Tallulah for your children? Or will you leave Tori Spelling’s book on the store shelf?

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