President Crybaby: Mitt Romney Begs To Speak

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Mitt Romney, former Governor of Massachusetts, cried four times during tonight’s Western Republican Presidential Debate, yet he has been declared the winner by International Business Times. As President of the United States, who is he going to ask for help when Mahmoud Ahmadinejad won’t let him speak?

Rick Santorum challenged Romney on healthcare stating that Mitt removed a line from his book, as was mentioned in an earlier debate this year by Rick Perry. Mitt denied the claim and when the debate got heated, both men were speaking over each other when Mitt went on a tangent about not being allowed to speak.

Next it was Newt Gingrich speaking when Mitt again asked for permission to speak. Candidate Romney even went so far as to tell Rick Perry, Governor of Texas, that he had a “problem” allowing others to speak. He also went on to imply that Perry might be attempting to be aggressive because he wasn’t doing so well in the polls. At one point during the exchange with Perry, he cried out for help from moderator Anderson Cooper.

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If Romney cannot handle himself in an authoritative way during a debate with his colleagues, how in the world is he going to stand up for America against China and Iran? Rick Perry very aggressively told Anderson Cooper, “You ask the questions and I answer how I want to answer.” Cooper was not pleased with this retort but Perry knew what he wanted to say and he wasn’t crying for help from anyone or pleading for a chance to speak. He simply said what he wanted to say and the debate moved on. Mitt did answer questions more directly than some of the other candidates, except for perhaps Congressman Ron Paul. However, calling Romney a “winner” is not entirely accurate.

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