President-Elect Obama Buys Christmas Tree

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I feel sorry for Mr. Obama and his kids.  They can't even take a family outing to get a Christmas tree without the press getting it on tape.  Of course, on the upside, I guess he could request copies of all of these outings with his kids since they are recording his children's childhood for him.  I think I'd rather stay anonymous and not have to live my life in front of the world. 

It really does take special people to live in the spotlight.  I don't know how well I could do that.  I like my privacy too much.  I enjoy being able to go wherever I please without being hounded by someone with a camera.  I'd hate to have to always be on guard.  It just wouldn't be any fun to go to the store or for a stroll to look at Christmas decorations at the shopping center like I did the other day and have some idiot show up with his camera. 

I just don't think it would be fun for everyone in the world to know everything about my life. 

What about you?  Would you want to be famous?

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