President Obama Blasts the Tea Party

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President Obama said that Romney is “pledging to rubber-stamp the Tea party agenda in Congress,” at several campaign events. He clearly believes that the Tea Party is a “lost” cause and proves that the politics of polarization continues.

Politico reports that during the divisive “Romnesia” speech, the president blasted Romney by telling “folks he was ‘the ideal candidate’ for the Tea Party.” Romney, unfortunately, is not the ideal candidate for the Tea Party, however, his vision comes much closer than the president’s vision. The president has previously shown support for the Occupy movement.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid also accused Romney of “kowtowing” to the Tea Party. Reid also dashed all hopes of bipartisanship, by declaring, “Mitt Romney’s fantasy that Senate Democrats will work with him to pass his ‘severely conservative’ agenda is laughable.”

The Tea Party

What exactly is the problem with the Tea Party? The movement has been vilified as “radical” by the left and even the right-wing in the government. The grassroots effort may be radical in that it believes that America needs to return to the vision of the founding fathers, which has been eroding in America for a century.

A century of minimizing the Constitution by referring to it as a “living, breathing, document”, dismissing the founding fathers as “old, white, slave owners”, and a century of promoting and implementing unsustainable entitlements has left it’s mark on America. Unfortunately, Americans have lost their way and as time has gone by, politicians on both sides of the aisle have trampled on the founding documents that enabled America to achieve unsurpassed heights, including the ability to inspire and help other nations.

President Obama and all those who trash the Tea Party are turning their backs on the founding documents. The president, instead, has chosen to embrace the America-destroying ideas promoted by many in the Occupy Movement, such as greater, more intrusive government, keeping racism alive with polarizing racebaiting and class warfare; or the ideas promoted by the founding documents—liberty and equality. Perhaps the Tea Party is radical, but so were the founding fathers.

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