President Obama Doesn't Have a Sex Scandal Yet

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So leave the guy alone.  These crazy pe — I mean, “conservatives” — are jumping up and down every time Obama appoints a new loyalist to his administration or insults a former First Lady.

It’s been only over a week now since he was elected.  Can we hold off on writing the articles of impeachment until January 20th?  Hell, I’ll settle for December 20th, as long as you people just shut up.

Even Grandpa John and Saracuda are getting ready to sing “Kumbaya” with the next president, so can the rest of you please shut up?  Hope beat fear with 364 electoral votes and 53% of the popular vote .  If you think socialism kills your babies and rapes your teenage daughters, you’re officially in a minority.  Go here to express your irrational opinions, and then shut up.

Until Inauguration Day comes, you can complain about this:

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