President Obama Gets “The Bird” from Russian News Channel Host

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President Obama has more than one bird to pardon this Thanksgiving. The other one was given to him by Russian television news channel host Tatyana Limanova earlier this month, or so it seems.

While reporting that Russian President Dmitry Medvedev had been named chairman of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation, previously held by President Obama, Limanova raised her middle finger. The London Telegraph offered an explanation that the host was gesturing to technicians “trying to put her off her stride,” but since REN-TV has taken down the video due to a copyright claim, the interpretation is open.

The Cutline offers a photo of Limanova finger-waving, and the international response is understandable. The explanation might seem plausible, but it’s more fun to assume that, given the current tensions between the two countries, the normally bland reporting of the Russian news host fell victim to slipping some personal opinion in a report. Knocking a few staid Russian diplomats off their chairs wouldn’t be that out of line, would it?

So on this Thanksgiving Day, with the pardon of the turkey a thing of the past, would it be reasonable to ask President Obama to pardon yet another bird? Just in case host Tatyana Limanova wasn’t merely flipping off her crew for sloppy technical work?

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