President Obama Ignores Americans to Get More Votes

What President Obama wants, he gets, and to hell with the rules. If he can’t get his agenda through proper channels, Congress, he makes executive orders. As usual, he paid little regard to the Constitution and made part of his failed DREAM Act into policy.

He ordered the administration to stop deporting illegal immigrants who came to the U.S. as children, and it allows them to apply for work permits and renew them every two years with no limit on how many times they can be renewed. Obama made a great point about these people not being punished for the acts of their parents, but do it the right way: C-O-N-G-R-E-S-S!

Guess where Mr. President will be speaking next week? At the annual conference of the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials (NALEO). What a coincidence! There’s no doubt that Obama did this for the votes. After the “shocking” win of Walker in Wisconsin, the democrats aren’t feeling quite so confident about a November landslide.

On Friday, Rush Limbaugh dubbed his show “Open Boarders Friday” instead of his normal “Open Line Friday.” He said, “The President is in full panic mode. He’s not keeping his powder dry until the fall. He is not — Why? Because people are paying attention. And we don’t like what we’re seeing or what we’re getting from Obama. First the churches, then women, then Bain Capital, then gays and now this.”

The obvious phoniness of the Obama campaign is frustrating. When he came out in favor of gay marriage, how could anyone doubt his motivation? If he did it last year, whenever, it at least would have seemed sincere. It follows his pattern to the letter. It’s the hidden agenda that’s troublesome. He hides behind what they think the voters will respond to rather than just admitting who he really is. Is he a Marxist? Fine, great, then stand up and say who you are!

How many more unilateral decisions will President Obama make before the election?

© Margie Wilson-Mars 2012

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