President Obama: Is he too laid back?

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Is President Obama too detached to be an effective leader, and too much of a loner to work with other politicians? Chris Matthews thinks so, and he’s saying it publicly. For a man who had a “tingle” running up his leg when Obama spoke at the Democratic Convention in 2008 to criticize the President this way, things must be bad for the “Leader of the free world.”

What is Matthews saying?

File:Chris Matthews.jpgChris Matthews would never be confused for an objective observer. His bias for Obama was so powerful in the last election that, at one point, he insisted that it was the job of the press to make Obama a successful president. Setting aside the intellectual deficit of that statement and getting to the main point, to then have Matthews openly criticize the same man he vowed to help succeed exposes serious fractures on the left. Pushing a new book about John F. Kennedy, Matthews levels some harsh charges.

Among Matthews’ criticisms are:

  • President Obama is too much of a loner, which makes him ineffective as a leader.
  • Obama is more like Richard Nixon than Jack Kennedy.
  • Obama won’t admit to, or learn from his mistakes.

None of those qualities exactly make one’s legs tingle. So in that respect, one could see why Matthews would be so disappointed.

Why is the left turning on President Obama?

Aside from criticism, Obama leaves few other options for his friends on the left. His foreign policy is unrefined and disastrous. At least Jimmy Carter was able to broker a peace between Egypt and Israel. Obama is presiding over an end to that peace.

Obama’s economic policy is equally, if not more disastrous than his foreign policy. He advocates for policies that will further damage an economy that can withstand little more. He proposes spending on lavish programs that the country neither wants, nor can afford.

Leftists may be wrong-headed on many issues, but they aren’t stupid. Blindly following a man who has caused so many problems makes no sense. Matthews was one of the loudest, most brash and boldest proponents of Obama as a candidate. It makes sense that he should be offered the first seat on the first lifeboat exiting the sinking ship. He needs to be around to champion the next empty suit that looks like “presidential material.”

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