President Obama Skipping Memorial Day Celebrations.

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A commotion is brewing in D.C. due to the news that President Obama and his family will not be attending the traditional Memorial Day ceremony at the Arlington National Cemetery this year. Instead President Obama be spending part of the day visiting the oil spill in the Gulf Coast, and then the rest of the day vacationing with his family in Chicago.

Historically, during the ceremony the president lay a wreath on the Tomb of the Unknown Solider. Although, in 1992, President Bush also missed this same ceremony, yet it created less of an uproar since we were not currently at war.

Both parties have been contributing their opinions about the matter. Some believe that this is disrespectful to the military; others see it as a “pointless” tradition. What do you think? With all of the soldiers going over seas right now, and protecting our country with their lives, how could our Commander in Chief not pay this due respect?

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