President Obama takes his message to LinkedIn

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President Barack Obama has been a known advocate of embracing social media. Today via, it was announced he will be holding another Town Hall, this time using the popular networking site LinkedIn. The event will take place on Monday, September 26th, during his visit to their Silicon Valley headquarters. The Town Hall will deal with two hot topics our nation has been dealing with: jobs and the economy.

Town Hall Present A Popular Dynamic

In 2008, in the heat of the presidential campaign, then candidate Obama conducted his first visit to their headquarters, and it was very successful. He has been touted for revolutionizing politics by embracing technology and the social media component. No doubt, it has allowed him to communicate with a constituency that many had taken for granted or didn’t realize the importance of their voting bloc.

Earlier this year in April, President Obama visited the Facebook headquarters in Palo Alto and pulled off a Town Hall. In June he invited leaders of Twitter to the White House, and they helped him coordinate a Tweet-up, which included those in the White House as well as Twitter users around the globe.

Largest Networking Site

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LinkedIn is the largest networking site on the Internet. Started in 2002, it has grown internationally and boasts 120 million users spread over 200 countries and territories. Facebook is known for its basic ability to allow friends to stay in touch. LinkedIn is similar; however, it allows users to network and otherwise connect with like-minded people. As unemployment has stubbornly remained high, users are seeking whatever advantage they can claim to network and gain an edge in seeking employment and other opportunities.

Obama Invites Early Sign-Ups

The exact time of the town hall has not been announced, but President Obama maintains a very active LinkedIn account, and users can sign up in advance to take part as well as pen questions in advance.

As the political climate heats up towards the 2012 elections, it will be interesting to see which politicians join President Obama and genuinely reach out to the millions who count social media as a key communication tool.

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