President Obama Threw Out the First Pitch for the Nationals (Wearing a Sox Hat! Watch the Video Here)

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President Obama has definitely had a lot of curve balls thrown at him during his relatively short stint as our leader, so it’s only fair that he gets to throw one of his own.  Fox News has the scoop on how his first pitch thrown at the Washington Nationals game went today:

President Obama marked Opening Day for the Washington Nationals by throwing out the ceremonial first pitch as fans cheered him on.  Mr. Obama, dressed in a Nats jacket and khakis, put on a Chicago White Sox cap as he took the mound.

The President, who had been practicing with aide Reggie Love, was not happy with his throw, which he described as “high and outside.”

Upon reviewing his pitch, Mr. Obama told Mid-Atlantic Sports Network that it was “heart-breaking” for him to have thrown strikes in practice only to release the ball too early when it counted.  “If I had a whole inning,” the President lamented, “I’d clean up.”

Interesting way he phrases that, isn’t it?  It almost seems symbolic of the presidency in general, and the highly controversial health care bill that recently passed.

The Fox News article notes that it’s not the first time he’s thrown out the first pitch, but he most likely thought long and very hard about what to wear today:

In 2009 the southpaw threw out the first pitch at the All-Star game in St. Louis.  That wasn’t a perfect throw either, but the President wasn’t judged so much for his pitching skills as his fashion sense.

It was after that game that the Commander-in-Chief was accused of wearing “mom jeans” that didn’t flatter his figure.

In the words of the Veep, who knew what he wears was such a big effing deal?  While his outfit wasn’t bad, I’ve gotta say that I’m pretty sure I could have thrown a better ball than that.  Then again, I’m a Cubs fan.

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