President Obama to Address BP Oil Spill in Oval Office Speech Tonight

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Wrapping up his fourth visit to the Gulf region, President Obama this morning reviewed part of his speech planned for tonight to address the nation about the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. The President plans to deliver his speech at 8:00 EST, to be followed by a press conference by White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs.

President Obama told reporters this morning in Pensacola, Florida that he would talk about the necessity for a more “nimble” response to the spill, as well as the need for BP to pay out claims “quickly and fairly” to compensate victims of the ongoing environmental catastrophe taking place in the Gulf. Obama will discuss how businesses affected by the major spill “need help right now”

The President visited Alabama, Mississippi, and Florida over the last two days before returning to Washington to deliver what will be his first Oval Office address.

Will you be watching the President’s address tonight?

(I plan to, but I do hope he finishes up before the Celts-Lakers game.)

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