President Obama’s Fundraiser Dinner: Would You Pay $18K for a Dinner Plate?

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President Obama’s fundraiser dinner will cost an extraordinary price of $18,000 per plate. Would you pay this exorbitant price to support President Obama’s political campaign? The fundraising dinner is being hosted by Chef Pascal Lorange in West Hollywood at the fancy pants restaurant Fig & Olive.

The specific price of each dinner plate is $17,900. Now if you are lonely and you want to bring a date, you get the optional discounted price of $35,000. What a deal! Who wants to jump on that band wagon? Anyone? Cricket. Cricket.

Any guesses as to why this party is being thrown in Hollywood? The liberals of Hollywood can back President Obama’s campaign. Right? The celebrities have bags of money to throw at a plate of food to get the privilege of dining with Obama and his groupies.

The Mediterranean restaurant, Fig & Olive, is located on Melrose Place. Is it a coincidence that this place just happens to be a “celebrity favorite since its grand opening last February?”

All kidding aside, it sounds like an excellent spot for President Obama to have his fundraiser dinner for his campaign. Celebrities are all about showing their pretty little faces at largely televised events like this. Hence, why they are celebrities. Now, they can toss around their money as well.

What’s for dinner at the Obama fundraiser? This is a top-secret question! But the menu at Fig & Olive is known for small plates with lots of olive oil-laden dishes with “imported characterize and cheeses.” It certainly doesn’t sound appetizing, but it is most likely better than McDonald’s. Sorry, Mrs. Obama!

How much would you pay to attend a fundraiser dinner for President Obama? Is there another candidate’s fundraiser dinner you would rather support? How much would you pay to dine with them?

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