President Obama’s Health Care Package: What’s the Rush?

I’d like to discuss the health care package.  I think the president would be better off regulating health care costs than to tax the heck out of me again.  I pay for health care, and the only prospect for those of us already insured is for our costs to up.   Why is he putting deadlines like August on this important legislation?  Isn’t it more important to get it right the first time then to rush it through.  Democrats are complaining that he is ordering a health care package but not putting his input into it. why?  So he can blame others when it goes awry?

A health care package that controls ridiculous hospital costs is what’s needed.  The president is right in the need for reform, but the speed issue is of great concern to me.

Personally, I got as hospital bill for an overnight stay with a four hour surgery of $29,600.  After the insurance company settled, the bill was $3800. 

What’s the reason for this?   This is what needs to be looked at.  The people who don’t have insurance would pay, $29,600.

That’s wrong!  Fix the system, Mr. President; don’t create a new monster.

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