President Obama’s Israel Trip Draws Sharp Criticism

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President Obama’s visit to Israel has caused some hand-wringing among his supporters. His backing of the isolated country was strongly apparent on Wednesday during a press conference with Prime Minister Netanyahu, thankfully; but not everyone was pleased the presidential visit.

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Although the White House and Israeli officials have been “playing down expectations” that the trip will result in peace or will affect the Iranian nuclear program, As noted by, it is refreshing that Obama spoke strongly of America’s continued friendship and support for Israel. Foreseeably, anti-Israel activists and some in the left-wing mainstream media were less than impressed.

Ahead of the trip, Palestinian activists took to the street, where they indulged in their typical United States flag-burning and shoe-throwing activities.


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Much angst and speculation was expressed by the some in the mainstream media over the president’s trip. For example, Janine Zacharia of Slate, clearly not a fan of Israel, said that the White House was “rewarding” Netanyahu’s backing of Mitt Romney. She desperately tells her readers that “Netanyahu will be seen as the victor in his battle with Obama…” which goes to show that for some on the radical left, politics trumps common sense.

John Cassidy of the New Yorker laments, “What is Obama really up to?” He speculates that perhaps he is simply being diplomatic by “visiting a close ally,” while “playing to the Israel lobby?” But perhaps Obama’s real reason, Cassidy wonders, is that the visit is “a precursor to something more serious: a determined effort to restart the peace process and achieve a two-state solution before it’s too late?” It is interesting that even fans of the president do not take his intentions at face value. Despite the murmuring and despite the President’s “real” intentions, it is reassuring that President Obama has come out strongly in support of Israel.

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