Press Release: The Redneck’s Weight Loss Guide

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Today I done finished writin’ an’ publishin’ mah new ebook:

The Redneck’s Weight Loss Guide
















 Here is an excerpt:

Milkin’ cows is one uh my favorite exercises. There’s no utter like it! Hehehe!

Equipment needed:

1. Cow

2. Barn

3. Bucket

4. Two hands Take yer right hand–no! I said yer right hand! OK good. Now grab one uh them teats. Now take yer other hand and grab one uh them other teats. Pull down with yer right hand then release. Pull down with yer left hand then release. Good! Feel the burn! This exercise is plum good fer yer lower back, wrists an’ them arm muscles that meet up with yer arm pits.

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Freelance artist and writer. I like to exercise and eat healthy foods. I love reading your posts here on gather along with looking at your photos, art and videos.

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