‘Pretty Little Liars’ Recap: Jenna’s Party and Lucas’s Secrets on ‘That Girl is Poison’

On Pretty Little Liars “That Girl is Poison,” the four friends are realizing, as Spencer (Troian Bellisario) says, “This ‘A’ doesn’t feel like a high school girl playing a game.” This A is dangerous, and the girls begin to find out how much so in episode five of the third season.

When Mrs. Reynolds, Garrett’s mom, is sent to the hospital in a coma, the girls immediately think that the new A has something to do with it, and not just because Aria (Lucy Hale) sees a hooded figure outside the Reynolds home.

Lucy Hale, Ashley Benson, Shay MitchellGarrett (Yani Gellman) also gets out of prison temporarily on a “compassionate furlough,” and the girls suspect it’s all a plan for Garrett to somehow communicate with A.

As if that’s not intriguing enough, Jenna (Tammin Sursok) is letting the world know that she can see by celebrating with a birthday party. So what’s her game? “This is the new deal. I feel a lot safer when I’m in charge of what happens to me,” Jenna tells an inquiring Spencer (Troian Bellisario).

But that’s not all either. Super sleuth Aria sees Lucas (Brendan Robinson) pounding on the door of the local photographer Laurel’s office, demanding he gets what’s his. When Aria discovers he’s been fired from his job for developing his own photos with Laurel’s supplies, Aria is determined to find out what those pictures are.

All of these storylines revolve around the night of Jenna’s party. As Emily (Shay Mitchell) works at the party, Aria tries to find a way into the photography studio. Meanwhile, Spencer attempts to stake out the hospital to see who Garrett is really communicating with.

And Hanna (Ashley Benson) is mourning her break-up with Caleb (Tyler Blackburn) so much that she skips school, gets grounded, and is forced to work the local rummage sale — where she finds Emily’s coat the night Alison’s grave was dug up.

It’s a whirlwind of Pretty Little Liars “That Girl is Poison” events. Paige (Lindsey Shaw) and Emily are friends again, but Paige clearly wants more. When she gets drunk from Emily’s flask — again from the fateful night Alison’s body went missing — she hits her head and is forced to go to the hospital. The doctors are concerned about how intoxicated she is and give her a blood test; it turns out the alcohol was laced with a sleeping pill that causes memory loss when combined with alcohol. That solves one mystery on this drama.

Another mystery is solved when Aria weasels her way into the studio by destroying all of Laurel’s memory cards. She offers to go to the studio to get some more, gets confronted by a creepy Lucas, and she finds what Lucas was trying to hide: negatives of photos, as well as some sleeping pills, the same ones Emily and Paige were drugged with. But could Lucas be A, really? Even this early in the season?

The last storyline isn’t so easily wrapped up as it asks more questions than it does reveal answers. When Detective Wilden (Bryce Johnson) catches Spencer at the hospital, she’s forced to go away. But after Paige’s fall, Spencer finds a reason to be there again.

Nate (Sterling Sulieman), Maya’s cousin, is there too with Emily, and as soon as Garrett leaves the elevator, Nate attacks him. Spencer takes the opportunity and goes up to Mrs. Reynolds’s room. The card in the flowers yields little. “Mom, you never gave up on me. I won’t give up on you,” the card reads.

But then Spencer notices something hiding under her hospital wristband. It reads, “April Rose has the proof.” So what’s the proof? And who is Garret’s note intended for?

What did you think of Pretty Little Liars “That Girl is Poison”? Do you think Lucas really could be A? And what is Jenna up to now?

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