‘Pretty Little Liars’ Recap: Mona Goes ‘Crazy’ with Messages, Dolls

The Pretty Little Liars Halloween may not air until October, but the episode on July 24, “Crazy,” took the creepy factor to a whole new level, mostly because of Mona (Janel Parrish), who most definitely belongs in the looney bin. While Mona brings the creepy crawlies to the table, Cece (Vanessa Ray), a new girl in town, is really no less creepy, if only because she reminds the friends so much of Alison.

Ashley BensonWho is Ella’s new love interest?

In the most random storyline of the night, Ella Montgomery (Holly Marie Coombs) goes on not one, but two, dates in one day. After a date with pastor Ted goes awry (he sure does get around), she finds herself attracted to the owner of the coffee shop, a younger fellow by the name of Zack (Steve Talley). Only time will tell what this story is leading up to.

Why does Jason crash his car?

Maybe it’s partially the fact that Jason (Drew Van Acker) blames himself for Garrett’s release, and maybe it’s also in part due to Cece returning to town, but either way, Jason is in some bad shape. So bad that he gets drunk and crashes into a parked car as Spencer (Troian Bellisario) is driving around. In some sort of sibling instinct, she gets behind his wheel and moves his car far, far away.

But that leaves her in a predicament. Officer Darren Wilden (Bryce Johnson) finds her car at the scene of a hit and run, and he wants to know what happened to it. Toby (Keegan Allen) doesn’t flinch when he lies to the cops, claiming Spencer was with him the whole night, and suggests her car was stolen. Looks like Spencer will finally have to start telling him the truth.

What’s the story with Cece?

In the first disturbing moment of the night, Spencer, Emily (Shay Mitchell), and Aria (Lucy Hale) all freak out a bit when they hear a girl’s voice that sounds just like Alison. Turns out Cece knew Alison, and, in fact, had one crazy summer together that didn’t end so well, at least according to Jason.

She’s also freakishly like Alison, or Alison was freakishly like her. She has one hip out, the head tilt, and a way of looking through the girls like she knows their secrets — which she kind of does, because Alison filled her in.

So what’s her deal now? She cozies up to Emily, and even helps her with her Nate (Sterling Sulieman) problem: Nate is intent on going on a date with Jenna. Despite Emily warning him about Jenna — that she dated Garrett — he’s intent on seeing her.

In true Pretty Little Liars Alison fashion though, Cece calls Jenna and threatens her, claiming she’s Nate’s girlfriend. That relationship is over for now, but Nate’s identity still seems in question, especially after he recognizes some earrings of Mona’s that he shouldn’t have known about, because they were a gift from Emily.

What’s Mona’s message?

Hanna (Ashley Benson) is freaking out when Darren says he’s ordering a sample of her blood to compare to the anklet. Her paranoia only gets worse, when A delivers a ouija board — that Hanna buried with Alison’s body (so how exactly did the girls get all these things in her casket anyway?) — that Hanna and Mona used just days before Alison’s body was discovered. Turns out, Hanna thought she saw Alison alive that night, and said as much to the DiLaurentis parents.

Paranoid she’s being framed, she and Aria head to the insane aslyum to try and have a chat with crazy Mona. But as Hanna tells Aria the story of why Mr. DiLaurentis hates her, Mona slips out and into the locked abandoned children’s ward. Cue the very creepy Halloween-esque moments as the girls follow Mona’s humming.

Then Mona starts spouting nonsense like, “Miss Aria, you’re a killer, not Ezra’s wife,” “No one to save Ali from evil,” and “where were we, Maya’s away sleeping sweet, until Garrett all rosy, count on me.” It’s only later that night as Hanna sleeps next to one of Mona’s creepy dolls that she realizes Mona’s message.

Take the first letter of each word, and you get the clue: Maya knew; not safe; and, www.massugar.com. So what does the website lead to? A picture of Maya and a password protected site. Too bad Mona didn’t have the time for that clue.

Danger is clearly lurking for these girls on Pretty Little Liars “Crazy,” and it only promises to get better as season three continues to unfold.

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