‘Pretty Little Liars’ Season 3 Episode 10 Sneak Peeks: Anger, Awkward Conversations, and Secrets

Pretty Little Liars season 3 continues next week with episode 10, “What Lies Beneath.” “A” once again has something up his or her sleeve, and Hanna and Emily end up trapped while they’re investigating. What else is coming up?

PLL Season 3 Episode 10 “What Lies Beneath” Clips

Pretty Little Liars Title ScreenIn the first sneak peek (below), Emily’s working when Nate stops by and invites her to a concert. Wen he notices Jenna and Noel, she tells him he “dodged a bullet,” but he doesn’t leave it alone. Once Jenna’s alone, he joins her and tells her he has the gift he never gave her since she blew him off. He insists on giving it to her and asks when would be best. She says she has to go, and Nate walks out. Ouch. Nate should really let that go and listen to Emily.

The second Pretty Little Liars season 3 episode 10 clip (below) also shows Emily at work. She stops by Hanna’s table long enough to talk to her as she continues to look at Maya’s website. Hanna’s hoping to find something that helps them figure out where Maya wanted Emily to meet her. Since they end up at the cabin, is Hanna going to find something on the website that leads them there? Once Emily goes back to work, however, Hanna’s not alone for long, as Wren joins her. He doesn’t want to forget about what happened between them, but she tells him it can’t happen again. He says she knows where he is if she changes her mind. Is that the end of that, or will this pop up again? If Hanna goes to see Mona—which she hasn’t lately—she’ll likely bump into him and it could get awkward. However, with what’s coming up in the mid-season finale and Hanna looking very upset at a crime scene, this is going to be the last thing on her mind.

In the third “What Lies Beneath” sneak peek (below), Aria has some more questions for Ezra about Maggie, such as how much money it took to make her disappear. It must’ve been a lot, but he doesn’t know because she never replied when he tried contacting her. He tried to find her, but she didn’t want to be found. Aria wants to know why he never told her, and he explains Maggie is part of a past he was trying to forget. Besides, it’s not something you bring up when you first meet someone. He had other opportunities to tell her, but he brings up her own secrets. She insists it’s different. Aria is right that he should have told her. He could have even told her when she told him his mother offered her money. Having to hear about it from his brother was not the way she should have found out, especially after what they’ve been through, and the fact that he was keeping that from her means she now has to wonder what else he may not be telling her. What will this mean for their relationship?

What do you think of the Pretty Little Liars season 3 episode 10 sneak peeks from “What Lies Beneath”?

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