‘Pretty Little Liars’ Season 3 Episode 10 ‘What Lies Beneath’ Preview: Trapped by ‘A’

Pretty Little Liars season 3 continues next week with episode 10, “What Lies Beneath.” These episodes are all leading up to a big mid-season finale. Will the girls find something out in this episode that hints about the big reveal coming up: who killed Maya.

PLL Season 3 Episode 10 “What Lies Beneath” Promo

Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer follow a lead about where Maya might have been before her murder. After learning that Noel and his family’s cabin had something to do with ‘that night’ and possibly Maya’s disappearance, the girls work to try and put the pieces together. Hanna and Emily head out to the Kahn family cabin looking for clues linking Maya to the site, while Spencer does some snooping of her own on Noel. Could Noel have had a hand in this after all, or are he and Jenna just bluffing to send Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer down the wrong path? Meanwhile, Aria must deal with the aftermath of meeting Ezra’s mom and the information about Ezra’s past.”

Pretty Little Liars Title ScreenThe last episode saw Aria find out quite the bombshell about Ezra’s past, but she didn’t leave. That doesn’t mean everything’s going to be good between them in “What Lies Beneath,” and it could end up being something that distracts her while Hanna and Emily are going to be in some trouble of their own. What will this end up meaning for the future of their relationship? This is all leading up to the mid-season finale, which is going to feature another crime scene, where Hanna is the most upset, based on spoilers and photos that have been released. How will whatever the girls find out in this episode affect what’s coming up?

The Pretty Little Liars season 3 episode 10 promo for “What Lies Beneath” (below) shows Hanna and Emily looking in the cabin for clues, but even if they find something, they’re still going to have to first figure out how to get out because “A” traps them. “A” leaves a message for them as well: “I’m saving you for later.” Uh-oh, that’s certainly ominous. Emily’s going to try to break their way out, but will she be able to?

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