‘Pretty Little Liars’ Season 3 Episode 11 ‘Single Fright Female’ Preview: A Threat

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Pretty Little Liars season 3 continues next week with episode 11, “Single Fright Female.” After seeing Noel’s video, they’re able to eliminate people from the list of who could have possibly killed Maya. What’s next?

PLL Season 3 Episode 11 “Single Fright Female” Promo

“Spencer learns about Paige’s shocking past with Ali, but is Emily ready to listen to what her friends have to say? Emily’s relationship with Paige has been anything but easy, but she finally feels like their relationship is going in the right direction. So when Spencer comes to her with a sordid tale about Paige’s history with Alison, Emily is not ready to heed her friend’s warnings. With Spencer knowing Paige’s violent past and this new information about a blood feud between Alison and Paige right before Alison disappeared, she can’t stand by to let one of her best friends get close to a potential enemy. But will Spencer cross a line that Emily can’t forgive in her attempt to prove to Emily who Paige really is? Meanwhile, Aria feels she has to help Ezra move on from his past if their relationship is to move forward, but what she finds may be more than she expected.”

Pretty Little Liars Title ScreenIt’s already been teased that the mid-season finale is going to be the one that reveals Maya’s killer, but will they find a big clue in this next episode? At least they can begin narrowing down the list after watching Noel’s video. With so much going on, will Aria be able to deal with “A” and what’s up with Ezra? This next episode is going to be a drama-filled one, and it is the last one before the big mid-season finale. What will the girls know going into “The Lady Killer”?

The Pretty Little Liars season 3 episode 11 promo for “Single Fright Female” (below) shows Jenna warning Emily to be careful whom she spends time with. Is Jenna talking about Paige? It seems likely. Spencer’s suspicious of Paige; is she right to be? Paige is hiding something, so it makes sense, but could this just be a distraction “A” is using to keep the girls off their trail, or is it possible that Paige is “A”? The girls are going to be in some serious trouble in this episode. What will that mean for what’s coming up in the midseason finale, in which there may be another death and Maya’s killer will be revealed?

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