‘Pretty Little Liars’ Season 3 Episode 11 Sneak Peeks: Videos, a Nickname, and a Birthday

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Pretty Little Liars season 3 continues next week with episode 11, “Single Fright Female.” Spencer is going to be suspicious of Paige, but is she right to be? What’s the real story there?

PLL Season 3 Episode 11 “Single Fright Female” Clips

Pretty Little Liars Title ScreenThere are four sneak peeks out from the next episode, and in the first (below), Ted stops by and tells Ashley (as Hanna and Spencer eavesdrop) a contractor found something at the church and he wanted to contact her before the police. It’s a thumb drive with video files on it of Hanna and her friends. Hanna begins panicking about what this will mean, and it doesn’t look like Spencer’s going to be able to calm her down. Considering what has happened in the past, Hanna’s concern is justifiable, as is her attempt in the next clip to get it back.

The second Pretty Little Liars season 3 episode 11 clip (below) shows Ashley asking her if she knew about them and who took them. Hanna says they’re Mona’s and wants to trash the drive. However, Hanna’s mother plans to watch the videos first before deciding what to do and puts the drive in her bag. Will Hanna be able to find a way to get the drive out of her bag, perhaps on the way to school? That’s not going to be so easy, but Hanna’s going to have to try something or at least hope her she can convince her mother not to bring it to the police.

The third “Single Fright Female” sneak peek (below) shows Spencer trying to talk to Emily about Paige’s history with Ali. Apparently they were “in a war,” according to CeCe. Though Emily doesn’t but it, Spencer tells her CeCe mentioned Ali’s nickname for Paige and it clicked. Ali may have told her things she didn’t tell them. Emily refuses to believe it and suggests CeCe’s just doing what Ali used to do and pit them against one another. However, Spencer has a point when she brings up Paige’s dark side, but she says she’s not calling her a snake. Emily walks away. In the promo, there is a snake; was “A” listening to Spencer and Emily’s conversation? Is Spencer right about Paige? Will Emily realize that too late? Spencer’s right to be suspicious. In all this time, why didn’t Paige mention her past with Ali? It seems likely she’s hiding something, but is Paige on the “A” team or is this supposed to just serve as a distraction?

The fourth sneak peek (below) shows Spencer tells Aria Hanna’s scared of what Jenna’s going to do. Aria thought they were backing off Noel and Jenna on the “A” team. However, Hanna won’t listen. Aria’s a bit distracted because of her own problems. She’s trying to figure out how to say happy birthday “without the happy” since Ezra’s not in the mood to celebrate because of Maggie. She wants to try to get in touch with Maggie, but Spencer advises her against it. However, Aria says they can’t move forward until he does. Will Aria listen to Spencer or will she try to reach out to Maggie?

What do you think of the Pretty Little Liars season 3 episode 11 sneak peeks from “Single Fright Female”?

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