‘Pretty Little Liars’ Season 3 Spoilers: Aria’s Father’s Connection to Alison

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Pretty Little Liars has revealed that Aria’s father was talking to Alison, but the matter of what happened there has yet to be revealed. Will that happen when season 3 continues?

PLL Season 3 Spoilers

Photo: Andrew Eccles/ABC FamilyAccording to Hollywood Life, Lucy Hale has teased, “In the remainder of the season, that’s one of the bigger issues that we deal with. Aria finds out, and the rest of the girls find out, but we don’t know if there’s truth to it. It puts a huge strain on Aria and Byron, but you do come to find out what actually happened.” As the sneak peek for Pretty Little Liars season 3 episode 14, “She’s Better Now,” shows below, Aria doesn’t want to hear about any suspicions regarding her father, but it sounds like that may change, based on what Hale had to say. Aria and Byron’s relationship has been strained before, and it may just get much worse than it has been, depending on what really happened that night. What is Byron hiding? Could it perhaps be something that will ultimately help the girls?

Figuring out what Byron’s hiding isn’t the only thing they will be discovering in the rest of season 3. They still need to find out Toby’s on the “A” team, and there is still at least one member of the “A” team who has yet to be revealed. Which will they find out first?

What do you think of the latest Pretty Little Liars season 3 spoilers?

Photo: Andrew Eccles/ABC Family

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