‘Pretty Little Liars’ Season 3 Spoilers: Finding Out More About Lucas

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Pretty Little Liars season 3 returns this January with new episodes, and the mysteries will continue. But will the girls also get some answers beyond eventually finding out Toby’s on the “A” team?

PLL Season 3 Spoilers: Secrets Revealed?

Photo: Adam Rose/ABC FamilyAccording to TVLine, secrets are going to be coming out—at least for one character. Brendan Robinson has teased that Mona returning to school affects “everybody involved with this whole situation, including Lucas.” He went on to say, “We’re going to learn a little bit more about Lucas’ relationship with Mona,” and Lucas has “some kind of confession” coming up, though he didn’t reveal “to who, or how or what it involves.” Like other characters, Lucas has been guilty of some suspicious behavior, but could there be a good explanation for all of that or will his confession reveal that there is reason to think he could be involved with the “A” team and perhaps what happened on the train since there were multiple people involved in what went down there?

Considering what was revealed about Toby, Lucas could pretty much say anything and his confession probably won’t come close to what happens when the girls (and especially Spencer) find out about Toby. But who will be the one Lucas confesses to? Will it be Hanna given the history there? Will it be Aria given the photography connection? How will this affect the girls going forward with Mona being free, the upcoming revelation about Toby, and whatever else the “A” team has in store for them?

What do you think of the latest Pretty Little Liars season 3 spoilers?

Photo: Adam Rose/ABC Family

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