‘Pretty Little Liars’ Season 3 Spoilers: Is Someone Else Going to Die?

Pretty Little Liars season 3 will be airing its mid-season finale on August 28, and there’s going to be a lot of drama coming in that episode. That’s not all that’s coming up, as viewers will also get one major answer.

PLL Season 3 Spoilers

Pretty Little Liars Title ScreenTV Guide has a photo from the mid-season finale showing Aria, Hanna, and Spencer at a crime scene, and Hanna is the most upset. According to Ashley Benson, “Oh. My. God. Those are the only words I have for this episode. People get hurt…there might even be a death. It’s the most intense episode we’ve shot so far.” Though Emily is missing, it can’t be her who is injured or dead since the other girls would be just as upset. With Hanna so clearly affected, it’s hard not to imagine it could be her mother or Caleb on the other side of that yellow Caution tape.

Executive producer Marlene King hasn’t confirmed or denied someone dying in the Pretty Little Liars season 3 mid-season finale, but she did tease, “You will definitely find out who killed Maya. I actually like to think of this episode as justice for Maya.” At least fans will get that piece of information, but it clearly won’t be over. Will that happen before or after the scene with the girls at the crime scene? Could they once again think it’s over only to find out they could lose someone else?

It has also been revealed that the police are going to be “interested in talking to Paige,” and spoilers for an upcoming episode reveal that she has a past with Ali. Are they going to discover that Paige knows more than they think she does, or is this just misdirecting them from those they should really be looking for?

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