‘Pretty Little Liars’ Season 3 Spoilers: Mona’s Free, But Can She be Trusted?

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Pretty Little Liars season 3 has aired its crazy Halloween special, but that may have nothing on the craziness that is to come when the season returns on January 8, given that Mona’s going to be back at school. Can they trust her?

PLL Season 3 Spoilers

"Blood Is the New Back" Photo Credit: Eric McCandless/ABC FamilyIt’s pretty much a given that Mona cannot be trusted, but as the sneak peek that’s already out from episode 14, “She’s Better Now” (below), shows, Emily suggests they be her friend because of what she may know. That is certainly something they have to consider. While they can’t trust her, there is that saying, “keep your friends close and your enemies closer.” As executive producer Oliver Goldstick told TVLine, “She has most people fooled. She plays the part of the victim quite well when she returns, because remember, she was bullied. That’s why she had the breakdown—that’s the spin, at least.”

The girls are going to have to tread carefully with Mona free as Pretty Little Liars season 3 continues. However, with her not the only member of the “A” team, they’re going to have to be careful at every turn. After all, they still don’t know (yet) that Toby is part of the “A” team, and they don’t know who else may be as well. But with Mona free, “A” may be up to even more tricks and trouble. Will Mona somehow end up being low on their list of problems, or will she be the reason that something terrible happens? There are plenty of questions that need to still be answered, and perhaps with Mona out, the girls will get some of those answers sooner rather than later.

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Photo Credit: Eric McCandless/ABC Family

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