‘Pretty Little Liars’ Season 3 Spoilers: The Latest ‘A’ Reveal, Caleb’s Future, Aria and Ezra

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Pretty Little Liars aired its mid-season finale Tuesday night, and “The Lady Killer” revealed not only Maya’s killer, but also the “betrAyer” and another member of the “A” team. What does that mean for what’s coming up next?

PLL Season 3 Spoilers

Photo Credit: ABC Family/Eric McCandlessThe next episode to air is going to be the Halloween special, “This Is A Dark Ride,” and the promo for that shows that Spencer will be attending the party with Toby, who was revealed to be part of the “A” team. Their relationship is now doomed to fail, so what’s coming up next? TVLine talked to executive producer Oliver Goldstick about the rest of PLL season 3.

According to Goldstick, “You’re going to find out some stuff in Season 3B… Don’t forget what those girls did. No one stood up for him when he was put away in juvie hall because of Alison. Those other four girls were passive; no one defended him or did anything. Just remember that.” So Toby does have a reason for what he’s doing and it does make sense in a way. That doesn’t mean the reveal wasn’t shocking, but this is setting up for more information to be revealed “about Toby’s history and how he felt about being put away by Alison and her posse.”

So, you have to feel bad for Spencer now. She has no idea what Toby’s really up to, and she hasn’t suspected he was part of the “A” team. Their relationship has changed now that they slept together, and Goldstick just said about that, “People punish people for many reasons and on many levels.” How long will it be before Spencer realizes that she can’t trust her boyfriend like she has been? Will it be too late when she does? What will Toby be up to with Spencer at this party? The promo shows that she’s going to be in trouble (and she won’t be the only one), but what role will Toby play in what happens to her?

Speaking of the “A” team, Mona has shown that she has figured out a way out of Radley at her leisure, and that’s likely going to be something they revisit when season 3 resumes. According to Goldstick, “She’s back to torture our girls in a whole new way.” What will Mona be up to next? Will she be one of the people at the Halloween party after the girls? The black hoodie at the end of the mid-season finale did call in for two tickets to the Halloween party. Could one be for Mona? Now that Toby has been revealed to be part of the “A” team, that third person who is someone “you know” could be anyone. The list of people the girls can trust is getting shorter and shorter, and it’s getting more and more dangerous. What will happen in Rosewood before the girls figure out how to take down the “A” team?

Besides Nate’s death in the mid-season finale, there was also a serious injury. Caleb was shot, though it wasn’t seen onscreen. Instead, the last shot they showed of him standing was him comforting Emily, Nate stabbed on the floor. Goldstick teases that who shot him “will be answers and will come out pretty quickly.” Could it be possible that it wasn’t Nate who shot him? It seems likely it was, but who knows what will be revealed on this show after the shocking reveal that Toby’s part of the “A” team. Fortunately it sounds like he’s going to survive the surgery since the executive producer answered “more so” to a question about their relationship being “out in the open.” The promo for the Halloween special does show her kissing someone at the party, and the speculation has been that Caleb could be getting a haircut since the guy seems to have short hair. Will their happiness once again be short-lived?

On top of the “A” drama, Aria’s also dealing with Maggie’s secret. The mid-season finale saw Maggie appear at Ezra’s apartment and tell Aria she’s still figuring out what she’s going to do because of her son. Goldstick teases that she’ll be back and “she will serve as a true threat to [Aria and Ezra’s] relationship.” Eventually, Ezra will find out he has a son and Aria knew, and the executive producer teased it will be “explosive” and “a game-changer,” but said it wouldn’t happen right away. This couple has been through a lot since the beginning of their relationship, but could this be what breaks them up?

What do you think of the latest Pretty Little Liars season 3 spoilers? What did you think of the big reveals?

Photo Credit: ABC Family/Eric McCandless

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