‘Pretty Little Liars’ Spoilers: Get Ready for ‘Scarier’ Season 3

The return of Pretty Little Liars is almost here, and now the cast is teasing what is ahead for the residents of Rosewood. Just because the identity of ‘A’ has been revealed, the drama and action is not coming to an end. In fact, one star is promising a more intense season ahead. More intense, huh? Sounds like the reveal has only stirred up the pot. The action in Rosewood will return to ABC Family in early June, and there is a time jump in store.

Janel Parrish teased what is ahead on season three of this series, and these Pretty Little Liars spoilers are pretty hot. Makes sense that the series is returning during the summer months, doesn’t it? Parrish said the following, according to MTV News:

“When we come back, it’s six months after the finale, and you’ll find out more about the A-team. Mona is at Radley Sanitarium where we left her, and you’ll see who’s been visiting her. There are lots of crazy surprises. I think it’s going to be a more intense, scarier season than we’ve ever had, so it’s gonna be really fun. You will see more connections being made for people you didn’t even know knew each other in Rosewood.”

Some new faces will also pop up throughout the season as well. Their impact on the drama to come is not known yet, but they will be involved in the mix. That is for sure. This series plans to help ABC Family heat up the airwaves this summer. Are you ready to find out what will happen next in Rosewood?

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