‘Pretty Little Liars’ Spoilers: Season 3 Has a New ‘A’ Villain

Things are getting ready to heat up this summer on Pretty Little Liars, and the girls will have a new villain to face. Yes, one ‘A’ has been revealed, but season three is promising an all-new villain, and this time Aria, played by Lucy Hale, is their target. What is this new anonymous person’s motivation? And when will they make their appearance?

Hollywood Life has the inside scoop on what is coming when the series premieres its third season at the start of June. Just because they got rid of one problem, the girls won’t have much time to rest. ‘A’ will make their presence felt in the season premiere. Hollywood Life shared the following:

Move over, Mona (Janel Parrish). There’s a new villain in Rosewood, and this one’s gender ambiguous! According to ABC Family, the upcoming third season of Pretty Little Liars will introduce viewers to a new “A,” and “he/she” will use Aria’s (Lucy Hale) “past indiscretions” against her. The fun will really begin on the June 12 episode, when “A” sends the girls a “gruesome reminder” that no one is safe.

With Parrish already teasing that this season will be scarier than last season, all bets are off it seems. The girls will have to deal with a new foe, and this time it might even be a guy! The countdown to the season premiere of this series has begun. Are you ready to find out what will happen next?

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