‘Pretty Little Liars’ “The New Normal” Recap: The Mysterious Braille Message

Last week on Pretty Little Liars, Spencer (Troian Bellisario) received a braille message from Toby (Keegan Allen). But what did it say? And will it lead the girlÂ’s to “A?”

Well, not yet it won’t. In the opening scene of the ABC Family drama season one, episode 17, “The New Normal,” the girls decoded the message. It said “BAD.” Clearly, that doesn’t help anything and is largely ignored throughout the rest of the episode; most of the girls get kisses instead.

Mrs. Marin still has some trouble, and Hanna gets closer to Caleb

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If thereÂ’s anything Pretty Little Liars does well, it’s showcasing creepy guys, whether in the form of mysterious teenagers or cops who suspect the girls in AlisonÂ’s death.

This time around, the creepster comes in the form of James Leland, supposed heir to Mrs. PotterÂ’s safe deposit box.

Yet, Caleb (Tyler Blackburn) doesn’t trust him, and he worries for Hanna (Ashley Benson). When he discovers that Leland is an impostor, he shares the info with Hanna who, in turn, shares the info with her mom.

Mrs. Marin (Laura Leighton) doesn’t do anything at first, but by the end of “The New Normal,” she hints to Leland that she knows he’s not who he says he is. That doesn’t mean he’s going away anytime soon.

As for Hanna and Caleb, Pretty Little Liars is still hinting at a hook-up, even with Caleb claiming heÂ’s going to move to Flagstaff. Caleb might still be living in the MarinÂ’s basement, but the “couple” hasnÂ’t shared a kiss… yet.

Aria, Fitz, Bryon, and Ella in a love rectangle?

Aria’s (Lucy Hale) dad Byron (Chad Lowe) has a serious case of jealousy in Pretty Little Liars “The New Normal.” He thinks his ex-wife Ella (Holly Marie Combs), now girlfriend, is falling for Fitz’s (Ian Harding) boyish charms, because she’s going to a Leonard Adams book-signing with him. This adds all sorts of bizarre dimensions between the illegal teacher/student couple and the divorced-but-sleeping-together parents.

Byron says he hates Fitz, which makes Aria absolutely mad. But she should learn to stop defending Fitz. Get too defensive, and she might give away her true feelings for her teacher.

By episodeÂ’s end, things change. Fitz and Aria are having a heavy make-out session, when Byron calls to apologize, which definitely ends that ValentineÂ’s Day mood.

Emily has an encounter with the McCullers family

PaigeÂ’s (Lindsey Shaw) father, Nick McCullers (Connor Trinneer), has it out for Emily (Shay Mitchell). He blames Emily–and sympathy for her being gay–for why Paige isnÂ’t the anchor on the swim team. Clearly, he doesnÂ’t know what happened in last weekÂ’s Pretty Little Liars, with Paige falling off her bike.

When EmilyÂ’s mom learns about Nick slandering her daughter, she actually comes to her defense, despite not agreeing with her lifestyle.

Yet, Emily’s encounters with the McCullers isn’t over yet. Paige gets into Emily’s car uninvited and then lays a big kiss on Emily’s lips. “Don’t tell,” she says, as she exits the car, leaving a stunned Emily behind.

Spencer spends some time with Toby

As usual, Spencer is the only one of the Pretty Little Liars who’s on the case of “A.” She goes over to TobyÂ’s to talk, again. All Toby will admit is that the “BAD” braille message wasnÂ’t a joke, but that she was reading it wrong. Yet, they canÂ’t talk about it now, because heÂ’s off to a meeting with the DA; he tells her to come over Saturday, when Jenna is gone.

Naturally, “A” has to give her two cents about this: “Jenna is going to be sooo pissed.”

By the time “The New Normal” is over, Spencer has figured it out, kind of. The braille stands for numbers, not letters. It reads “214.” But what does that mean? Neither Toby nor Spencer knows, and it doesn’t change the fact that Toby is still careful about not crossing Jenna.

Yet, heÂ’s not afraid of Jenna anymore; after TobyÂ’s murder charge gets dropped, he goes for a ride with Spencer, right past a motel. The camera focuses in on one room door that says “214.” Is that where “A” is? The murderer? Or is it all misdirection?

Not too much has been revealed on Pretty Little Liars as of late, but new info might be coming soon. Next Monday, February 21, the ABC Family network will air a day-long marathon of the show. The marathon will end with a new episode, “The Bad Seed,” which promises a big discovery.

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