‘Pretty Wild’ loses advertiser due to Tess Taylor’s racy photos

On the heels of the arrest of her sister, “Pretty Wild” star Tess Taylor, now has to deal with a scandal of her own. Photos of her half naked, and holding a bong were published by gossip site, TheDirty. The revealing photos showing nudity and drugs has made one of E!’s advertisers a little skittish, according to TMZ.

The advertiser in question, eHarmony, has demanded E! refrain from airing any of their commercials during “Pretty Wild”, saying they, “do not endorse its[the photos] content.” I hate eHarmony commercials anyway, the participants in the ads are so smug–but I digress. Even if TheDirty removes the pictures, the damage is done.

No word from E! on the subject of the photos or eHarmony’s request to keep their ads far away from “Pretty Wild”. Their website has been quiet on the subject of their employee’s extracurricular activities since the photos surfaced a few days ago. E! Online reports on every celebrity scandal, from A-Listers right down to the Z-List. Why are they not reporting this scandal as well?

Both Taylor and her sister Alexis Neiers were questioned about the infamous “Bling Ring”(Neiers was actually arrested)and it makes you wonder why their behavior is rewarded with a reality show. But life after a reality show may be punishment in itself for the fame hungry family. Is there anyone you have really taken seriously after they appeared in a reality show?

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