Prince Charles Breaks Record as Heir Apparent

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Britain’s Prince Charles has broken a record. This may be one that he isn’t terribly thrilled about breaking though. The heir apparent has now waited the longest for the throne in the history of the British Royals.

Prince Charles Breaks Record as Heir ApparentJust yesterday, Prince Charles broke the record that had previously been held by his great-great-grandfather, Edward VI. Edward VII was the heir apparent from the day he was born, and he took over from his mother Queen Victoria on the day she died after waiting 59 years, two months, and 13 days. Today’s heir apparent, 62, has been waiting to take over from Queen Elizabeth II for a total of 59 years, two months, and 14 days.

At the age of three, Prince Charles began his long journey towards the throne when his mother became the Queen at the young age of 25. When he was nine, Charles was given the title Prince of Whales.

The Queen just turned 85, and it seems likely that she has many years left. Her own mother lived to be 101. While Prince Charles is obviously planning to become King, it will be a sad occasion because his mother will have to die before he takes that role. Still, though, he has been waiting for quite some time. Can you believe he broke the record?

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