Prince Harry and the Royal Family Have Possible Popularity Problems at Home

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He seems to be trying to overcome his ‘wild’ prince reputation by his recent charitable deeds in the Caribbean and supporting British servicemen and women. Prince Harry is even being honored with the Distinguished Humanitarian Leadership award on May 7. But, sometimes, all of the good deeds in the world can’t make you popular and, even though the rest of the world seems to be enamored with them, the people of Great Britain might be getting a little bored with the Prince and the rest of the royal family.

According to the anti-monarchy British pressure group, Republic, a recent poll indicates that the British are more wary of and disillusioned with the royal family than the rest of the world. Only a mere 14% are ‘very interested’ in the Diamond Jubilee celebrating Queen Elizabeth’s 60-year reign.

Is the country tired of the royal family and the younger prince’s charades and occasional good deeds that seem to be an attempt to counteract the bad ones? Only 51% voted that they felt that the country would be worse off without the royals. That’s only about half, but when you notice that the number fell from 63% when taken last year, it causes one to wonder if the royal wedding bliss is slipping for the people of Great Britain.

Still, the rest of the world seems pretty impressed with the ‘wild’ prince, Prince William, Kate Middleton and the rest of the royal family, as well as anyone slightly connected with them. Maybe it’s like they always say…the grass always looks greener (in Great Britain).

What do you feel the problem is with Prince Harry’s popularity? Is there really a lack of love for the royal family coming from their own country?

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