Prince Harry Betrayed by ‘Despicable’ Female Vegas Party Guests

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Prince Harry’s wild night in Las Vegas has landed him in hot water with his dad and grandma but was it all intentional? The young prince has always been a bit of a free spirit and bucked tradition. Unfortunately for Harry, he may have gone a little too far this time.

Is this Harry’s way of acting out or rebelling? He is 27 and more than old enough to know better. Does he really need to resort to such extreme measures? He is forced to deal with all the downsides of being a member of the royal family, so why not enjoy the perks it offers as well?

Harry’s friend and fellow partygoer is speaking out in defense of his pal. Arthur Landon says, “I obviously think it is really despicable that someone would accept Prince Harry’s hospitality and then take these pictures.” He has a point. Harry should have known better than to pick up some young women at a Vegas bar.

One of the women who got an invitation to the “real party” is spilling details about her night with Harry. She remains unnamed, but basically blames Harry for the nude photos. She says Harry told the blonde he was smitten with, “‘I will shield you, I will protect you, I won’t let them see you.'” Maybe he thought the girl taking the picture would keep them private. Silly boy. Not in this day and age where anybody can make a fast buck off a celebrity having fun.

The bitter female explains how enamored Harry was with the naked female in the photos, “He had his eyes on her from the start. He was very into her. She was giddy to be in the company of the prince, and he was flirting with her.” The gossip monger essentially admits to chasing after the Prince after she spotted him at the Surrender Club in the Wynn Hotel.

She reveals, “We thought he looked hot. We wanted to get closer but couldn’t as he was very well guarded. Everyone was dancing and we became friendly with one of his friends. In the early hours, we were invited up to the room.” Score one for you girls.

Be wary, Harry. There are hundreds more females like this who are out to use you.

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