Prince Harry Breaks Hearts Everywhere; Claiming He’ll Always Love Chelsy

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Everyone thought that Prince Harry and Chelsy Davy would be the next big Royal wedding – until the couple split up, and Chelsy moved on with new boyfriend Taylor McWilliams.

The break up didn’t seem to bother Prince Harry too much at the time, and he soon found love again with lingerie model (and Jenson Button’s ex!) Florence Brundell-Bruce, but the relationship seemed to be over for good when they split late last year. Sources quoted Harry saying he wanted to have fun before entering tough training, and he holidaying in various hot countries alone, instead of taking Flee to Ibiza as she wanted.

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The couple are now back on, but it seems there might be trouble in paradise; Harry’s friends have revealed that he believes Chelsy is the one for him, and is simply waiting for her to split with her current boyfriend. The 27-year-old is said to be completely smitten with his ex, and finds the room lights up when she walks in. Could his sudden interest in real love be because of older brother Williams wedding to Kate Middleton?

The spotlight has certainly turned on Harry since Wills tied the knot, and the bachelor Prince had showed no signs of slowing down at first. Now that he’s (almost) declared his love for Chelsy, will she break up with Taylor in favour of royalty?!

Chelsy’s own friends have reported that she does adore Harry, and loved being around him, but found his lifestyle difficult – something which Kate was also rumoured to struggle with, and has received intensive training in dealing with all aspects of becoming a princess, both before and after the wedding.

Chelsy and Harry certainly made an adorable couple…whose placing bets on another Royal wedding?!

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