Prince Harry faces animal cruelty charges after is horse his seen bleeding during a polo match (Photo of incident)

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Britain’s Prince Harry is facing animal cruelty charges for an injury to one of his horses during a polo match. Harry was photographed riding a horse who had been stabbed by spurs on Harry’s boots. The horse appeared bloodied and in pain, but according to witnesses, Harry continued to ride the horse instead of stopping to get it help.

However, St. James Palace said that Harry stopped playing as soon as he noticed the injury. The incident originally happened in July but photos have just now started to emerge causing animal welfare groups to call Harry “heartless”.

Andrew Tyler, director of animal welfare charity Animal Aid, said: ‘It was a heartless and utterly selfish thing to do. “Polo is a very rough activity that causes stress and injuries to horses. The use of spurs in such a fast-moving event is a vicious indulgence.” He went on to say that “Spurs are unnecessary for a competent rider and should not be used to punish a horse for the rider’s failure to gain advantage.”

Agonising: The spur mark is clearly visible on Prince Harry's horse. An onlooker claimed he continued to play despite the injury, a claim refuted by St James's Palace

Bloody: The puncture mark is clearly visible on the flank of the pony. Animal charities have described the Prince as 'heartless'

Any player seen using thier spurs to deliberately injure a horse can be penalized up to 50,000 British pounds.

This is the second incident that Harry has had with his horses iojn recent months. Earlier this year his beloved horse Drizzle collapsed and died of a heart attack after Harry had been riding him.

It’s highly doubtful that Harry wanted to cause his horse any injury during the polo match, however, just the fact that the Prince wore spurs which can hurt the horse is enough to make anyone wonder what his intentions were. He seems to love his horses and it doesn’t seem as though he’d want to hurt them but you never know what someone is really up to. Harry will now have to convince animal welfare groups that he did not intentionally spur his horse during the match, which is surely going to be a hard battle to win for Britain’s youngest Prince.

 Photo’s courtesy of The Daily Mail



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