Prince Harry Hoping to Woo Katy Perry?

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Could Prince Harry and Katy Perry become the next big celebrity couple?

Katy reportedly has the hots for Harry and has even given him a fun and flirty nickname – “The Ginger Ninja.” There’s no word on what this means exactly, but obviously the “ginger” refers to his hair color. Perhaps the “ninja” refers to how athletic he is, or maybe Katy gave him the nickname because he’s so good at stealthily stealing the hearts of so many women. It’s also entirely possible that she just went with it because it kind of rhymes with “ginger” (singers are bad about trying to force rhymes sometimes).

But the meaning behind the mysterious moniker isn’t the real story here – according to the Daily Star, Prince Harry also has the hots for Katy Perry (how lovely that their names rhyme so perfectly!).

Harry is allegedly trying to get Perry to perform at the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee so that the two of them can meet, and of course he hopes to sweep her off her feet with his legendary charm.

Dating a prince would certainly be a great way to make Russell Brand jealous – it’s hard to imagine the crazy comedian being able to woo royalty, too. However, Harry and Kate would also actually make a really cute couple. The pop princess might consider dying her hair red to match Harry’s, and if they were to marry, maybe she’d don a tiara made of sweet treats like gummy bears and lollipops (because they’d have to have a Candy Land-themed wedding, of course).

Prince Harry and Katy Perry both seem to have fun, adventurous spirits, so maybe they’d prove to be perfect for one another by being the life of the party together forever. Pippa Middleton might have seemed right for Harry since she’s also a party girl, but maybe he never really fell for her and her famous fanny because he’s more of a breast man.

It’s fun to imagine Katy as Kate Middleton’s sister-in-law – she could give Prince William’s wife a fun “California Gurls” makeover complete with a cupcake bra and a cookie crown. But unfortunately the report about Katy and Harry being interested in one another is just a rumor right now.

So what do you think – would the pop star and the prince make the perfect pair, or will Katy be kept away from the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee because her firework-flinging bustier is too much of a fire hazard?

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