Prince Harry Must Face the Consequences of Naked Antics, Say British Military Officials

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Prince Harry may be a single and very eligible young male, but his naked antics have drawn criticism from those closest to him. First his older brother William has been said to have not been impressed, and now her Majesty’s Army is set to have a word with him as well.

This isn’t just about a young man getting caught with his pants down. This is about an officer in the Army conducting himself in a manner unbecoming his position. Even in the United States, officers are expected to behave in an appropriate manner, and using public funds and jetting off to Vegas for games of “strip billiards” while being photographed with an equally naked girl might be enough to get any officer a dishonorable discharge.

It is simply inappropriate and the British Military is doing the right thing in reprimanding him. In fact, he should consider himself lucky that he isn’t given the boot. Last year, he attended rigorous training in California and Arizona during the autumn months, and so discharging him for conducting himself dishonorably would probably cost the military more in wasted training than in keeping him…at least for now.

He will be reprimanded and reminded by his military superiors of the code of ethics that he is supposed to adhere to if he wants to continue his career in the force.

Diana’s youngest son needs to realize that even though he’s one of the world’s most eligible bachelors, he simply can’t act like a stud in heat whenever and wherever he wants, especially around so-called friends with phone cameras.

Some members of the British public are also up in arms about the Royal’s outlandish behavior, and some are calling for him to be stripped of his royal status. Protecting the Royal family isn’t cheap, and body guards for the clan total at least $190 million per year. Add that and the fact that Harry blew thousands of dollars on hotel rooms, drinks, and travel, and there seems to be a justifiable outrage among his “subjects” that are calling for changes.

Prince Harry is 27 years old. He needs to start acting like a grown adult and not like a horny 19-year-old college frat boy.

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