Prince Harry Obsessed with Space Travel

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Britain’s Prince Harry wants to be the first Royal in Space. He has his eye on an honorary position with the elite American NASA corps—in fact, he wants to be an astronaut. “He’s been going on about this for months,” a source said, as reported by the Sun. “A lot of people don’t know Harry’s a Trekkie (Star Trek fan) and has long harboured a desire to get into space.”

Well, actually, real space travel so far has been quite a bit different from Captain Kirk and his band of Starship Enterprise trekkies. And the American moon walk program has ended. But that doesn’t deter Prince Harry from trying every route. He has already put in a wish to be included on wealthy Sir Richard Branson’s dream of a private Virgin Galactic suborbital flight—if it ever happens.

More realistically, Harry, 26, wants to be considered for the American programFile:Prince Harry of Wales greeting people 2.jpg after his next tour to Afghanistan ends, sometime next year. He is already a pilot in the British Army Air Corps, which is important, since at least 1000 hours of advanced jet engine air time are a crucial requirement. Harry’s marks are outstanding in the air, including both fixed wing and helicopter flights. Score one for Prince Harry’s chances!

He has already done some of the course work, too, having studied Oceanology and Land and Sea Surveillance. But he is several years short of the required degree in Math or Science, and his Eton credentials are in art and geography. Score a zero here.

Prince Harry’s celebrity and dashing persona might bring fresh glamour to a stale space program, and where glamour goes, money often follows. Score a two for the prince, here.

Meanwhile, Clarence House, official spokes agent for Princes William and Harry, has issued a statement: “We are not officially aware of this.” Harry’s ambition may be far more dream than reality. No score.

In the meantime, Prince Harry is vacationing, and has not been seen recently with Florence Brudenell-Bruce. Maybe he’s too busy dreaming.

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